Our haitian brothers and sisters

Below is a picture of our Haitian Brothers and Sisters that act as our hands and feet in the country of Haiti.  God has gifted each of these men and women in a special way to bless our work.   These individuals have risen above the Haitian culture and can be trusted with many tasks and resources. 

Pastor Joerel 

Pastor Joerel is our main contact that we work with in Haiti.  He has worked with the mission since its inception.  Pastor has a burden for the lost souls in Haiti and a gifted speaker.  Despite the fact his  children have moved to the states he has chosen to stay in Haiti with his people.  His main occupation being a courier of goods between the US and Haiti. 


Abel has been with the mission for many years.  His primary job is our driver in Haiti.  Abel is very “Street Smart” and knows what area’s to avoid and where it is safe to go.  He is always on the lookout for our well being and protections.


Wilkinson, is a pastor in our church.  He is also a voluntary teach at one our schools.  Wilkinson’s family is supported by gifts from the teachers parents and his wife sells books on the streets of Haiti.  Wilkinson went to secondary school to be a lawyer and does our legal work in Haiti.  


Dukas is the Engineer for our building projects in Haiti.  He does all the truss drawings and quotes all the building materials.  Dukas is a deacon in the church and helps with making sure the needs of the church are met.


Peter is our head welder.  The mission hires Peter to  help with the welding on the building projects.  Peter is also a Sunday School teacher in the church and a great singer.  After a hard days work Peter still finds energy  to sit around the table and lead the work groups in songs.

.Jean and Bonita

These ladies are our cooks in Haiti.  Jean and Bonita go out with the work teams and see that all the food is prepared correctly so the travel teams don’t get sick.  Both Jean and Bonita are graduates of the Ladies Bible School.


Jismal is young pastor and father of 4 young children.  Jismal’s bright smile and out look on life is a rich blessing.  Jimal has a business of selling water out of his house.